5 Tips for Handling Difficult Orangery Roof Installation

The following are some useful tips when installing an orangery roof. These tips can save you a lot of trouble and they can help you save money.

Tip #1 – Keep Things Level

When the structural cassettes are being offered up, you should make sure that the lower faces have proper support. You may use props to make things easier. It is important that you make sure that cassettes’ underside are all level.

Tip #2 – Aligning the Cassettes to the Mortar Joint

Make sure that the mortar joint is aligned with the cassettes. To check, see if the back leg fits into the masonry’s inner leaf. It should be flush against the leaf. Use angled tie brackets to fasten the cassettes once you’re sure that you have proper alignment.

Tip #3 – Roofing Materials

Remember that you have a choice when it comes to roofing materials. Some people are more comfortable with glass but you need to consider that it is a heavy piece of material and may require more structural strength when you install your orangery. To make things easier (and more affordable), consider using polycarbonate as your roofing material.

Polycarbonate has a few advantages over glass other than its price. For starters, it is resistant to shattering and tough. It can also provide better insulation with U-values at 1.5 to 1.6. They insulate both sound and light.

Tip #4 – Dealing with 90 Degree Angles

Sometimes the cassettes need to be fixed at 90 degrees through a host wall. Create pockets in the host wall. Make sure to pack the holes with slate to keep things level.

Tip #5 – The Magic of Precut Materials

Remember that you can order precut materials like timber packers, timber noggins, insulation slabs, etc. You can always make quick adjustments later.